Western Heritage Fair

August 6, 2016 – The Overland Building (436 6th Street), home of the Wells Chamber of Commerce Office, was the scene of this year’s Western Heritage Fair.

Indian Dancers

Indian Dancers

The following events took place inside the exhibition building and in the open area just outside:

  • Pack your wagon for the trek with Jan Peterson and Beth Woodberry.
  • The Wells Band Indian Tribal Dances at the Heritage Pavilion located across from the festival.
  • Class in Session at the Pioneer Schoolhouse. Meet & Greet with “School-Marm” Swanson.
  • Lectures: Presented by Ron Hendricks
    •  How to file mining claims.
    • Homesteading & Property Ownership
  • “Come buy your bottle of Cure-All!” at the old Medicine Wagon with Bob Woolsey.
How your water was pumped.

How your water was pumped.

Other Inside Demonstrations Included:

  • Spinning Wheel
  • Quilting
  • Knitting/Crocheting
  • Old Time Switchboard
  • Trundle Sewing Machine
  • Morse Code Machine
  • Wireless Radio Transmitter
  • Electric Jacob’s Ladder
First Stage Coach

First Stage Coach

Other Outside Demonstrations Included:

  • Seeding Machine
  • Wheat Grinding Machine
  • Sheep Wagon
  • Replica of Medicine Wagon
  • Replica of Stage Coach
  • Sluice Box (Mining for Gold)
Spinning Llama Wool

Spinning Llama Wool

Other Activities in Town During the Weekend:

  • Trap Shoot – Aug. 6 from 9 am  @ 1821 Highway 93 North
  • Wells Jr. Rodeo Ruckus –  Aug. 6-7 from 8 am to 5 pm @ the Wells Rodeo Ground
  • Wells Amateur Golf Tournament – Aug 6-7 starting at 9 am each day @ the Wells Chimney Rock Golf Course

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