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City of Wells Contact Information

    City of Wells
    P.O. Box 366
    525 Sixth Street
    Wells, Nevada 89835

    City Manager
    Jolene M. Supp
    Phone: 775-752-3355
    Fax: 775-752-3419

    City Clerk
    Catherine Sue Smith
    Phone: 775-752-3355
    Fax: 775-752-3419

    Board of Councilmen
    Kenny W. Huff, Mayor
    John G. Riddle, Vice Mayor
    Gretchen A. Hubert, Councilwoman
    Terry L. Madison, Councilman
    Layla M. Walz, Councilman

    Fire Dept. - Wells
    Randy W. Dedman, Fire Chief
    516 Seventh Street
    Wells, Nevada 89835
    Phone: 775-752-3473

    Planning & Zoning Commission
    Yvonne Stuart, Chairman
    Dori Andrepont
    Tom Callahan
    Gary Jaccobucci
    Bob Laurent
    Ted Paulson
    Vince Shamblin

    Sheriff's Office, Elko County - Wells Substation
    Elko County Sheriff Jim Pitts
    Phone: 775-752-3334
    Fax: 775-752-2506