Spruce Mountain Mining District

Ruins at the mining camp (Sprucemont). Spruce Mountain.

A soon-to-be-marked ATV recreational trail system connects 135-year-old mining roads winding through five ghost towns and by several historic mines accessible by turning east off US Highway 93 approximately 38 miles south of Wells.

An old west enthusiast’s dream, Spruce Mountain is literally covered with mine remains including ore sorter towers, ore cars, rusty smelters, mine shaft air pumps, water systems, and log cabins of all types. Miners found ways to haul huge boilers and machinery up to the seven and eight thousand foot levels with sixteen-mule teams. It is one of the best ATV rides in the State of Nevada. Please leave it as you found it, don’t take any artifacts.

From Wells, go south on US 93 for about 37 miles. Turn left onto signed Spruce Mountain Road. Follow the gravel Spruce Mountain Road east, then southeast at a Y, for 7 miles total. Continue through a intersection but now you are on a unmarked BLM Road 1526. Go another 2.5 miles on BLM Road 1526 reaching the town of Sprucemont. Another mile or so brings you to an open pass with roads going all over. Turn right toward the summit and begin climbing the steep road. If you don’t have 4WD Low, it’s probably best to stop but know your engine if you do continue. The road switchbacks and climbs to the summit area where there is plenty of room to turn around.

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