Newsletter Fall 2017

A view of the Humboldt Range from Chimney Rock G.C. Photo by Don McDonald


The leaves are falling of the tree. That means fall and winter is knocking on the door.

That brings me to the time of the year to report to you what we have been doing this summer.

Fundraisers were held to supplement to membership fees paid to aid with the costs of promoting business.

We advertised and collected items for our week long indoor yard/garage sale. The Wells Rural Electric Company donated twenty sturdy filing cabinets.

Next we sponsored a “Paint for Adults and Kids” event.

Thank you volunteers for makings these events a success.

The Nevada Commission of Tourism granted us $10.000.00 for the 2017 – 2018 year. As previously the grant money is used for advertising. The Chamber advertises on two billboards. One is located in Rogerson, Idaho, the other one by Ely, Nevada. Both are on US 93. In addition there are ten brochure/business cards racks placed in high traffic area. The racks are filled weekly. Therefore brochures need to be reviewed and reprinted as needed. Advertisements in magazine and radio announcement and the Chamber’s web page draw from the NCOT grant money. Each year the Chamber spends every last penny of the grant. The grant requires matching fund through in kind labor and volunteer work.

Recently we reprinted 3000 of the Wells Visitor & Relocation Guide. Our last edition lasted two years. At times we have been in error and not included some of our businesses. It would be helpful if business owners would review this guide with the purpose of letting us know if your business location needs to be added. If you plan any events or activities please let us know so we can post it on the Chamber’s face book page.  Please call us at 1-775-752-3540.

We appreciate your membership


Yvonne Stuart


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